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Artists are people too!

When we set out on this journey we had no idea what we were doing. A few months in and we still have no idea. There is one thing we do know though; Artists are people too! Let me explain, 

We sent out on this journey with a tiny budget (which hasn't changed - it is still nearly non existent) and a good idea. We wanted paddle boarding to join the likes of other board sports with incredible artistic designs. But not just random art. We wanted art that would speak to the culture of the area and look good enough to mount on a wall! Where to look for the best artists around? Well craigslist of course! Haha! Having absolutely zero experience in the matter we thought maybe we could drum up interest by putting our idea out there and rewarding the chosen design with the first board off the line. Seems like a good idea and we actually got decent responses but one stood out. A fella by the name of Jamie from Donkeyink.com sent us a reply explaining we have just committed a artisan sin (my words not his). We have just engaged in spec work. We had never heard the term but luckily he also sent a link with the explanation. After some quick reflection we admitted ignorance and immediately redacted our "contest" from all folks who replied with a truthful apology. Our whole intent was to collaborate and support others in this area not exploit. We thanked Jamie for calling us out on our shit. Its rare that people stick up for themselves and others these days and we appreciated it very much. Our apology was accepted and we by his grace gave us some advice which we took with us on our search for the perfect artists to create our board designs. We came to 3 different artists each tasked with creating a design for 1 of 3 different boards. Contracts were drawn up in both the artist's and our business' best interest. Are real win-win. Now we are creating and supporting local like we set out to do. The art work is not yet complete but rest assured you will want to hang our boards on your wall above the fireplace as we have some truly amazing talent creating original pieces for our boards. Who are we using you ask? Well you will just have to wait and see!