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End of Season Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Storage

End of Season Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Storage For those of us lucky enough to have 4 beautiful seasons, it can be sad to say goodbye to our favorite sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding as temperatures drop and our water ways freeze over.  This creates a lot of anxiety about how to best store your inflatable stand up paddle board so that it is in great shape when you see it again next season.  The good news is, there is not much to it!  Here is everything you need to know about how to store your isup in the winter, in 5 easy steps!   Clean and Dry is the only way. Your PVC iSUP is very durable, but standing moisture...

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Winter Stand Up Paddling

Winter SUP   Most people dread the end of summer. The beaches, the hot sun, the sand between your toes, and most important the salty water in your veins (if you were lucky enough to visit an ocean over the season). Most, paddlers dread the end of their seasonal sport….   DON’T.     Like many other sports, you can enjoy SUP year ‘round. You just have to dress for it. So here is a few tips from our experience that will help you get through the sometimes very long winter while also enjoying your favorite sport.   Know the conditions. Just because it’s winter and the sea is often calm, doesn’t mean it can’t change in a second. Make...

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