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Sometimes it's better to have spares. Spare tires, spare keys, spare fins, and spare fin screws. It makes sense because you do not want to get to your paddling destination and find your fin is cracked. Or if you're like us, straight up forget... We keep a spare fin under the driver's seat of our Grand Wagoneer for this exact reason!


Included with Board Purchase

All Sea Gods boards come complete with a high grade accessories package so you can get on the water right away, the only thing missing is your lifejacket. Enjoy peace of mind with Sea God’s lifetime warranty:

  • Carbon fiber paddle
  • Wheeled hiking backpack
  • double action high pressure
  • pump US fin box with no-tool fin
  • FREE 11’ coil SUP leash

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Our boards are the best, not just because of their amazingly cool rad designs, but because they come with top knotch accessories that provide a complete well rounded package to get you on the water with everything you need except for the life jacket.


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