Spending time in nature connects you to your soul, there is something soothing and therapeutic about paddling and being on the water. Sea Gods wants to be a part of that by making sure you have a rad board and all the tips and tricks to make every adventure unforgettable.

At Sea Gods we believe your ride should inspire you, that is why we work with artists to create our ISUPs.

Nature is Divinely Beautiful, Why Shouldn't your board be too?


Always on the go running a super rad SUP company and a household of adventurers, Mandy needs the healing escape of some Vitamin Sea! Even if she has to bring along the kids, dog and kitchen sink, she feels the need to be on the water. There is just something about dipping your toes into the Pacific that makes life's problems melt away into gratitude.

Her mantra #findyoursanctuary

You will find her riding the Elemental Wave


Just a good human that is passionate about paddleboarding, craft brewing and the best flat brim hat.

Ryan will take the time with any paddleboard enthusiast who asks him to help them find their way both on and off of the water.

He likes to dive into adventures head first- If you don't fall in, you aren't givin' er!

His mantra #adventureawaits

These days you will find him riding the Ketos


  • Paddle Canada Instructor Trainer, Outdoor Adventure Guide and Super Skilled Waterman on a SUP or in a Kayak. Dave is a wealth of knowledge for all things water related and he tells a great story. He is big on safety so you can go out for another adventure tomorrow.

    These days you will find him riding the Skylla

Eric Rickards

Working Magic behind the camera to bring the beauty of SUP to media. Eric is always up for an adventure to capture a great shot and turn it into something amazing. His mantra? #fixthatinpost