Luke MacBain

Luke Michael Macbain received a B.F.A from Emily Carr University in 2011, and completed his diploma at the Vancouver Film School in Classical Animation in 2014. Growing up near the covered graffiti alleys and art festivals in Montreal, he gained a strong insight in large scale works and muraling. Wishing to press forward into the arts world, Luke works through forms of comics, animation, and illustration to reveal the creative unconscious with in narrative design. To Luke, animation and illustration is magic. His influences stem from his upbringing of classic cartoons, mid century modern design, Japanese neon modernism and film noir. Luke is active in the arts community, working and collaborating alongside artists and brands in shows and productions. In Luke’s drawings, he uses gesture and personality as a way to distill characters and to create new narratives. His form is often graphic, satirical and playful.