The Talent

The conceptual thinkers. The explorers. The people who aren't afraid to put themselves out there. The movers. The shakers. The people that see their dreams and become the makers. These folks... These folks are the ones that make Sea Gods happen.


 Ryan Johnston - Founder - All around good human being

This man doesn't care if you need a toque to keep the brain oven warm. He'll still get out there and enjoy a cup of joe with nothing but a paddle board and the open ocean for company.


Stand Up paddleboarder in wetsuit 

 Mandy Johnston - Founder - If Disney princesses were real she would be one

It would seem passion for SUP runs in this family. Not too many people associate wearing winter headgear with SUP. But we do. Just get out there and find your sanctuary. 


Incredible Artist

 Luke MacBain - Very Talented Artist - Bro 

Luke is the talent behind Sea God's flagship hardboard design. He has been instrumental in Sea Gods Startup campaign with his raw talent, marketing experience, and just generally being a bro helping out the Sea Gods team. Check out his work here! Check out his bio here!