Sea Blogs

Welcome to the inner workings of Sea Gods Stand Up Paddelboards. Here you will find our thoughts, our insights, and our experiences all wrapped up into 3 lovely blogs! Click the one you're interested in but we encourage you to check them all!

Paddle Boarder's Pursuit of Happiness - a Blog?

Sea Gods is our business. Paddle Boarder's Pursuit of happiness is our story, our passions, our pursuit of the paddle boarding dream. We make rad boards. Local Artists design our rad boards. Then we ride said rad boards. We're paddling up a business and we want you to be part of it! Here you'll find stories about our various adventures with SUP

Paddling Up A Business

This is the story of a couple of folks that absolutely love SUP but don't love their style. So they set out to create their own style, and bring it to the world. Here you'll find our stories and struggles about our business side of things from getting started to managing our work life balance and the challenges that brings!

The SUP Deets

 Sea Gods Stand Up Paddleboards founders provide a little bit of insight into what they are doing, how it's being done and general information about their boards, their artists, and their processes (or lack there of sometimes). Here you'll find info about our boards, our artists, the "How Tos" and the "Whys"

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