Skylla | Ultra Rad | Ultra Light

The Skylla - Ultra Rad - Our lightest board yet.

This board was built on popular demand with our newest CX Tech dropstitch. We set out to create a board that was ultra light weight and shared the beenfits of an all around style board and a touring board. The Skylla was born to meet that challenge. At only 19.5lbs the diatom provide the stability you want in any conditions, with the efficiency of long distance touring boards.

*kayak seat and paddle attachment not included*

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Sea Gods inflatable stand up paddleboard inflatable build technology

What is CX Technology?

CX fabric is a new way to incorporate dropstitch into our builds. Regular drop stitch is made from millions of strings, straight up and down, that hold the top and botom layers of an isup together. CX fabric is similar except the strings are at a slight angle creating a lateral X pattern. This allows us to build a board with less strings in the fabric while maintaining the same rigidity and durability. Using this fabric across all our new builds eliminates 20% of the weight making our CX boards 20% lighter!

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