Sea Gods 11' (inch) coiled leash for iSUP & SUP boards

11' Coil Leash

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Its not an accessory, it is a lifeline.  But that doesn't mean it can't be comfortable and stylish!  

11 feet when stretched out, this beautiful blue high strength cord sits in a nice coil with a tangle free swivel at each end so it will never look like grandma's kitchen telephone cord.

Comfortable Neoprene Ankle Cuff will fit any human ankle size- sorry Fido this leash is not for you.  

Hidden Key pocket inside cuff, just in case you like to travel light!

Triple Velcro lock keeps it safely attached to that D-ring at the back of your SeaGods iSUP, next to the inflation valve (yes it fits even if you lose your string)

  • 11 feet long at max stretch
  • 7mm Coiled cord
  • Tangle Free Swivel Ports
  • Triple Velcro Lock
  • Comfortable Neoprene Ankle Cuff
  • Saves your board and maybe your life

Keep that board close when you take the unintended plunge, or just use it to dock up with your friends during an open water chill sesh.  This lil' beauty is a must have!

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