Sea Gods Stand Up Paddleboards Carbon fiber shafted paddle in 3 pieces
Sea Gods Stand Up Paddleboards Carbon fiber shafted paddle
Sea Gods paddle close up view ( blue colour)
Sea Gods carbon fiber paddle with adjustable handle

3 Piece Adjustable Paddle

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With High Performance Carbon Fiber Handle and Shaft and Ultra Durable Nylon Blade, the SeaGods 3 Piece Adjustable Paddle would make King Triton put down his trident to trade.

Carbon Fiber is ultra light and has a slight elasticity to give that stroke some snap back- plus it floats!  The nylon blade is not just beautiful but can stand up to the occasional walking stick treatment so you can keep your chill when somebody wants to borrow it.  

Adjustable size makes it suitable for any paddler to use, and you can adjust on the go according to the conditions or your style of paddling.

The easy push button connector and easy open clasp make assembling this paddle a breeze.

The handle has a specially designed ergonomic grip to sit comfortably in the palm of you hand, so you will never be confused which way to hold it and will help your form look professional.

As if that didn't already solve all the problems, the shaft has a groove to keep your handle and blade in line so your can stay right on target.

  • Carbon Fiber Handle
  • Carbon Fiber Shaft
  • Durable Nylon Blade
  • Easy Push Button
  • Easy Open Clasp
  • Grooved Shaft
  • Ergonomic Handle

A lot of careful thought has gone into this paddle design so that you can enjoy it carefree!  Now all you have to do is pick it up and get out on the water to find your sanctuary


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