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Sea Gods

Pika & Bear "Keiko" Whale Charm Pendant Necklace - Gold Vermeil

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Don't take our word for it. Join the tribe of folks who Love the Sea Gods Family

Martina Marie Ferret

The Diatom is incredible. I'm overweight and wobbly. Balance of a three legged dog with palsy. And I can use this board! And it's fast. I always end up at the front of the pack on group paddles. Love my Diatom!

Favorite Board: Diatom
Martina Ferret

...I can't recommend Sea Gods Paddleboards enough. Their boards are as described, in every way. And, honestly, knowing how they handle mistakes makes me more inclined to recommend them, rather than less. We all make errors, but it's how you handle them that shows what kind of a person, or company, you are. These guys are top notch and their boards are even better! You can totally shop with confidence with them...

Favorite Board: Diatom
Jason Bouchard

I feel that Mandy set me up with the perfect board. I have been keeping it inflated , as it actually fits in my van. All the gear and accessories work well and what I also like is that it’s light enough to carry under one arm with the perfectly placed handle. Top marks for this company.

Favorite Board: Elemental Wave
Kim burton Hughes

Mandy is the most encouraging teacher! She helps you find the confidence to push yourself further than you thought you could. I was so scared to try SUP but with Mandy by my side I had an amazing experience and cannot wait to try it again!

Favorite Board: Infinite Mantra
Bridget Parrish

7 months ago I am so happy with my Carta Marina board from Sea Gods. The design is lovely, but was really not a factor in my purchasing decision. Although I do appreciate all the compliments I get now that I have it... I also love that everything is included when you buy the board. I didn’t find any other place that included the paddle and the leash. And nobody has a lifetime warranty. Honestly a good value.

Favorite Board: Carta Marina

We ordered our SUPs and received them the following week! So far, we've inflated them in our living room but they are beautiful and the package contents are complete! The wheelie backpacks are easy to pack and lug. The instruction booklet is great and the online videos are helpful too. We are super excited to get out on the water ASAP!! Thank you to Sea Gods for the gorgeous gear!!

Favorite Board: Skylla

Pika & Bear "Keiko" Whale Charm Pendant Necklace - Gold Vermeil