Unlock the Deep Eleven6
Unlock the Deep Eleven6
Unlock the Deep Eleven6
Unlock the Deep Eleven6
Unlock the Deep Eleven6
Unlock the Deep Eleven6
Unlock the Deep Eleven6
Unlock the Deep Eleven6
Unlock the Deep Eleven6
Unlock the Deep Eleven6
Unlock the Deep Eleven6
Unlock the Deep Eleven6
Unlock the Deep Eleven6
Unlock the Deep Eleven6

Unlock the Deep Eleven6

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Do It Right the First Time. Get the sickest board and the sickest paddle for the sickest deal. Not to mention the basic necessities of a leash and scabbard.  (11' clear coiled leash, nice logo'd board bag)

Mysterious. Wonderous. Terrifying. Beautiful. Calm. Deep. These are words that describe 2 things. The ocean. This board. Unlock the Deep. Find your passion. Ride this board through that door.  

Great for beginners ready to take their skills to the next level or intermediate to advanced riders cruising the rough seas and hitting the surf. A single concave planning hull composite board with an aggressive shape to plow through rough ocean and catch waves while downwinding. A perfect mix of stability and maneuverability.  

Construction of this board begins with a 2-piece high strength, light weight, closed cell EPS foam blank machine carved to exact specs and joined with a balsa wood stringer for rigidity. Closed cell foam technology to prevent taking on water if you have a major spill. The top deck is wrapped in 2 layers of 6oz fiberglass and topped with a beautiful bamboo veneer. The bottom is wrapped in 1 layer 6oz and 1 layer 4oz fiberglass then finished off with a high resolution graphic printed on a special 4oz printable fabric to add strength and mind blowing POP! The rails are reinforced with 5 layers of 6oz fiberglass for superior weight, rigidity, and performance. All wetted out with a high strength UV resistant thermosetting epoxy.  

Construction Highlights


  • Length – 11 foot 6 inches
  • Width – 32 inches
  • Depth – 4.8 inches
  • Weight – 28lbs
  • Volume - 220L
  • Rider Weight - 275lb


  • 6oz, 4oz fiberglass with bamboo veneer and graphic fabric
  • UV resistant thermosetting epoxy


  • 5 layer 6oz fiberglass
  • UV resistant thermosetting epoxy


Deck Pad

  • Diamond pattern high traction EVA pad
  • 5mm thickness and 50A rigidity


  • Front 4-point tiedown with bungee
  • Rear tie down d-ring
  • Integrated counter sunk deck handle
  • Tri-Fin setup with US fin box for main fin
  • Plastic 9 inch fin with thrusters


Upgrade Package Includes

  • 2-piece carbon fiber paddle with graphic to match board
  • 11’ coil leash
  • Honeycomb fiberglass high strength fin package
  • Nylon/tarpaulin carry bag with fin pocket, carry handles.

     Paddle Specs

    •  1 lb 8 oz
    • Adjustable Carbon Fiber Shaft and Handle 68.5 - 86.5 inches
    • Carbon Fiber Blade 8.5 x 17 inches


    Nobody ever called us dense.  At the heart of this board is the lightest, most durable foam on the market- EPS, with a strong balsa-wood spine stringer- to give you the most maneuverability, paddling ease, and float support you deserve.  

    When you look this good, you need a thick skin.  With a tensile strength that rivals steel, the Bamboo veneer under your feet adds more than elegance.  Protected further by a double layer of 6 oz fiberglass on the top deck, the belly is layered up with 6 oz, 4 oz and the printing cloth bearing the soul of the artist.  The carbon-fiber reinforced rails are nearly impregnable under 4-5 layers of fiberglass. After the whole surface is polished to a high gloss with a UV resistant Epoxy Resin she shines bright like your future.

    Standing Up is the key to SUP so we topped it off with your diamond groovy non-slip EVA deck pad- shaped like a shield for you to really dig your heels in while you charge through that impact zone like a spartan in a phalanx, or work on your fancy stepping to impress the townsfolk like a log driver.  

    Live for the moment.  How to decide between a flatwater touring board, a skatier trick board or a nice controlled SUP surf sesh?  A tri-fin setup lets you choose your own adventure.  Our lux fiberglass/honeycomb fins are lightweight with moderate flex, helping you to work it even in smaller surf and reducing drag to get you up to speed.  Did we mention the whole set is jewel tones of blue and included compliments of the house?  You are welcome.

    Proudly Canadian.  We are proud to say that this beauty is designed in Canada, by Canadian artists.  

    SHIPPING  Free for Locals!  If you are our neighbours in the Lower Mainland, we will hand deliver it to you (or meet you at your favorite local beach!) just drop us a line 

    The rest of BC or Alberta will be $150 flat rate for the first board, $50/ additional board, and if you order 5 we will ship them on us!

    For the rest of our fellow Canadians, or if you are our neighbours to the South, or further, drop us a line and we will hook you up with a quick shipping quote!