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Inspired by the ocean designed by local artisans

inspired by the ocean

designed by local artisans

2022 Pre-order is LIVE! Last year we sold out 3 times!

We are unreasonably stoked for our 2022 line up with build improvements, next level accessories, and with every preorder we're throwing in a free electric pump! Just add it to your order and the entire price is discounted at checkout!

About us

Paddleboards are our business

Inspiring paddleboarders to find happiness out on the open water is our passion.

All Sea Gods boards are created in a partnership with commissioned independent artists featuring designs that ignite a passion for adventure.

We want you to get out there, rain or shine, take what the weather gives you and find your sanctuary.

Our boards are built for a day at the beach, a private mountain hike or multi-day excursions. We have made getting on the water effortless by providing everything you need. Our paddles are made of carbon fibre - making them buoyant and light, our boards are designed to be easy to pick up, our fins are tool-less, and our paddleboards are extra safe with red sides to provide increased visibility….our attention to detail goes as deep as the waters we paddle on….

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Our quality

Artisan Paddleboards: Stand Up and Stand Out.

Sea Gods paddleboards are more than just a vessel for cruising the open water; they are the only boards that bring graphics and custom artwork to the sport of ISUP.

Channel YOUR inner Sea God and get out there with:

  • Upgraded 2021 PVC ULF fusion technology and heat moulded seams
  • Exclusive Apollo UV protective spray glazing layer to increase the lifespan under the sun
  • Strongest PSI range for ultimate rigidity and additional weight support
  • Highest caliber bungee cargo tie down area and bonus action camera mount
  • Light body that is easy to carry and quick to inflate.
  • Premium materials with military-grade durability

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Our Artists

Our artists have become our friends

Collaborating, living our best lives, sharing celebrations and planning adventures on the Sea Gods boards we create together.

Luke McBain (Flagship Artist)

Luke Michael Macbain received a B.F.A from Emily Carr University in 2011, and completed his diploma at the Vancouver Film School in Classical Animation in 2014. Luke’s art expressions include comics, animation, and illustration to reveal the creative unconscious within narrative design. Luke uses gesture and personality in his drawings as a way to distill characters and to create new narratives. His form is often graphic, satirical and playful.

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Lindsay Kokoska (Infinite Mantra Board)

Creativity is boundless. Imagination is free. Believe in the infinite possibilities. Lindsay creates custom-printed yoga mats, yoga tapestries, yoga journals and yoga gifts that are cute, colorful, inspirational, and a little magical! Featuring Lindsay’s original artwork, Infinite Mantra is a soul-inspiring brand created by the very essence of nature and positive kindred spirits.

Find your Zen

Justin Brock (Carta Marina)

Sea Gods appreciate a down to earth vibe - and that is Justin. We designed the Carta Marina SUP together, he also designed the graphics for our bag. Graphic Design comes naturally to Justin. He started out designing hang tags for a skateboard label, then moved onto designing clothing for one of the foremost names in the Fashion industry, Perry Ellis. Justin’s passion for designing is alive with spontaneity, originality and professionalism. He loves to design, create and connect with people.

Come alive

Luis Espinal (Elemental Wave)

Luis is also a real bro. We met when we needed help to fit our amazing Hawaiian inspired Surf Art Graphic to the board. The artist who gave it to me did not have the right dimensions and we wanted it to be perfect. Luis came and sat at our kitchen table and we worked together until it fit perfectly and was exactly as breathtaking as I had dreamed.

Surfs up

Markovka (Diatom)

Markovka is a Russian-based surface designer who creates unique ornaments, detailed floral designs, and various other nature-inspired illustrations. Her patterns are dreamy and full of tangled lines and fantasy plants. Markovka has a passion for nature and color that distinguishes her work. At the moment happily focused on things she loves best during her travelling: drawing tangled ornaments and watercolor flowers.

Be Inspired By Nature

Megan Hunter (ORKAGEMS Bracelets for Charity)

Megan’s passion is to inspire you to feel connected to yourself and to your intentions that you are wanting to experience by understanding the power of energy provided by crystals and gemstones. She hopes each piece will provide you with the ability to tap into your very own intentions that you are wanting to manifest. All of her pieces are inspired by the beautiful west coast and have been designed with purpose, intricacy, and are skillfully made with love & care! With each curated piece inviting you to experience more love, peace, connection, strength, and joy in this beautiful life!

Bracelets for Charity: Howlite and Sandalwood
Bracelets for Charity: Amazonite and Cedarwood

Olivia di Liberto (ASR Kids Board)

Olivia is a freelance artist and graphic designer located in Vancouver, BC. Her work focuses on illustration, installation, painting and mural art. She is influenced by the 1960/70s counterculture and uses vibrant illustrative elements, specific colour palettes and intricate line work to convey a feeling of cultural nostalgia. Vintage design and psychedelia is often referenced alongside her inspirations through her love for music, nature and travels. The artwork for this board came together as a collaboration with the artist and creators of Sea God Paddle Boards. The artist included these illustrative elements to create a magical and playful design where dinosaurs, underwater squirrels, trains and the cosmos come together to create a fantasy land!

Experience Cultural Nostalgia

Life of a Sea God

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Places to Paddle Board

White Rock Beach

White Rock is the home of Sea Gods. On a calm day you can see the ocean floor as you are paddling along. As you paddle around the famous White Rock pier you are likely to see all kinds of fish like baby halibut and maybe even a sea lion or two! Join us Thursday nights for paddle meetups at White Rock West Beach from 5:30 - 8:00pm.

Jericho Beach

Standing on a paddleboard in the open water while facing the city of Vancouver nestled in the mountains is beyond breathtaking. It is also a great place to learn to paddleboard since it is a quieter area and as an added bonus, there is a sandy beach.

Get Involved

Raising awareness and helping our community is a part of who we are as Sea Gods. These are some of the organizations that we have connected with to offer a helping hand:


SeaGods is proud to provide Stand Up Paddleboards to the YMCA kids camps at White Rock Beach. These young riders are not just learning to SUP, they are connecting to the ocean to create memories that will forever shape their passions and we are really stoked to be a part of getting them out on the water to explore just that much further. These rambunctious youth make the best durability testers and are a large part of the reason we can confidently offer you a lifetime warranty!

White Rock Youth Ambassadors

The White Rock Youth Ambassador program introduces teens to the world of volunteering. Youth will volunteer over 200 hours for the city of White Rock, its Councillors, Chamber of Commerce, community service organizations, service clubs and local business, giving them unique insight into how the infrastructures of a community intersect.

Wounded Warriors

To honour and support Canada’s ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans, First Responders and their families.

White Rock/South Surrey Paramedics

These health care professionals are on the front lines, offering emergency treatment that saves lives.

Ocean Legacy Foundation

is a Canadian based non-profit organization that was founded in 2013 with the goal to end ocean plastic waste.

NightShift Street Ministries

Reaching out, touching hearts and bringing people together. We are people caring for people through outreach, counselling, education and a vision for transitional housing.

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This is what “A day in the life of a Sea God” looks like:

  • Mandy is the most encouraging teacher! She helps you find the confidence to push yourself further than you thought you could. I was so scared to try SUP but with Mandy by my side I had an amazing experience and cannot wait to try it again!

    Kim Burton Hughes

  • I Love my new iSUP, the waves and the sail boat are the prettiest artwork I have seen and everyone loves to tell me how pretty it is! I love that my paddle floats and I can go out far without falling in! I took it out on the river and it was really easy to get around and even better, light enough to carry back up the bank! It is literally so super easy to ride and the best board I have ever tried :)

    Rebecca Clarke