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We have ISUPs that fit on a plane and ISUPS that fit in the back of your vehicle, wherever your adventure takes you, Sea Gods has the best boards, expertise and accessories. Our paddle boards are a labour of love, meant to connect you with your soul and allow your inner Sea God to shine through.

  • All our boards come with:
  • Ample tie-downs for securing your cargo
  • 29PSI rated Scoprega Inflation Valve
  • Center Integrated handle
  • Wheelie Hiking Backpack carry bag
  • 3-piece Carbon fiber paddle
  • FREE 11' Coil Leash
  • US fin box with new Flexible Kumano Click Fin system
  • Maintenance kit with Halkey Roberts wrench for valve adjustment
  • Double Action Inflation pump

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All Sea Gods boards come complete with a high grade accessories package so you can get on the water right away, the only thing missing is your lifejacket. Enjoy peace of mind with Sea God’s lifetime warranty:

  • Carbon fiber paddle
  • Wheeled hiking backpack
  • double action high pressure
  • pump US fin box with no-tool fin
  • FREE 11’ coil SUP leash

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Our boards are the best, not just because of their amazingly cool rad designs, but because they really are built to last. Sea Gods understands that your board is a sizable investment, and most people only want to purchase one board in their lifetime.

Here is how we constructed the most durable board for you:

Design Highlights:
  • Upgraded 2021 PVC ULF fusion technology and heat moulded seams
  • Exclusive Apollo UV Protective Spray Glazing
  • Strongest PSI range for ultimate rigidity and additional weight support
  • Highest caliber bungee cargo tie down area
  • Two bonus action camera mounts
  • Light to carry and quick to inflate
  • Premium materials for surpassed military grade durability
  • Upgraded European Bravo valve
  • Air 7 V2 Universal US Fin Box (accepts multiple fin styles)
iSUP Accessory Package:
  • Carbon fiber 3 piece package
  • Wheeled hiking backpack
  • Double-action high pressure pump
  • US Fin Box with New Kumano Click-In Fin System
  • Maintenance kit with Halkey Roberts wrench
  • FREE 10' Sea Gods coil SUP leash
Full Body Specs:
  • Super reinforced 12800/M2 Drop Stitch Fabric
  • 0.7mm, Strong and Light PVC
  • Durable, rigid and tested above 20PSI
Reinforcement Layer
  • ULF Technology Fusion layer to seal Drop Stitch Fabric
  • Holds perfect board shape
  • Creates high strength air-tight body
  • Machine-laminated directly to drop stitch
  • Durable, rigid and impact resistant
  • Ultra Light Fusion Technology (ULF) is the strongest and lightest construction available
  • Double-reinforced military grade PVC
  • Heat moulded seams for longevity
Deck Pad
  • Diamond pattern high-traction EVA pad
  • 5mm thickness and 50A rigidity
  • Exclusive to Sea Gods UV Printed graphic
iSUP Accessories
  • 3 Piece adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle
  • Paddle handle/shaft length 36.5” to 81”
  • Nylon blade 8.5” x 17”
  • Front cargo tie-down with bungee
  • Rear cargo tie-down with bungee
  • Center-integrated comfort grip nylon weave/neoprene handle
  • Up to 6 Extra Portage Handles on nose, tails and sides (varies by board model)
  • 29PSI rated Scoprega Inflation valve
  • Wheelie hiking backpack carry bag
  • 11’ Sea Gods coil leash
  • 9” Touring Flex Fin with toolless Kumano system
  • Bravo SUP4 Dual-action high pressure inflation pump
  • 2 Universal action camera mounts, integrated into tie-down system (most models)

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