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The All NEW Elemental Wave CX

The Elemental Wave in new cross weave fusion (CX) technology makes it the lightest all around board we've ever made. At less than 20 lbs this board is the perfect companion for any adventurer regardless how far from the water you are. The orginal art shown here by Sea Gods founder Mandy Johnston is incredible. A gallery wrapped, hand painted canvas by Heather Reneaux represents the wonder below the surface. A breath taking piece that brings the Elemental Wave to a whole new level.

    Sea Gods inflatable stand up paddleboard inflatable build technology

    What is CX Technology?

    CX fabric is a new way to incorporate dropstitch into our builds. Regular drop stitch is made from millions of strings, straight up and down, that hold the top and botom layers of an isup together. CX fabric is similar except the strings are at a slight angle creating a lateral X pattern. This allows us to build a board with less strings in the fabric while maintaining the same rigidity and durability. Using this fabric across all our new builds eliminates 20% of the weight making our CX boards 20% lighter!

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    Heather Renaux Artist for sea gods stand up paddleboard elemental wave

    Heather Reneaux - The Elemental CX Artist

    In her Minneapolis home studio, artist Heather Renaux disappears into circus tents, dips beneath turbulent sea waters, meditates atop giant flowers and slips into story nests inhabited by magical fauna. All this imagery and more can be found in her thoughtful, whimsical and often tinged-with-darkness paintings.
    Originally hailing from the wide expanses of Wyoming, Heather grew pretty much like other kids…except, from a young age she relished solitude and reflection. She loved sledding with friends but loved even more lying on her back in the snow and watching the clouds drift through the trees.
    She trained as an illustrator and received her BFA at Otis-Parsons in Los Angeles, CA. Since then she’s built a following for her Folk Surrealism paintings via her online Etsy shop, gallery exhibits, and summer art festivals. Though this path in life wasn’t the first direction she decided to go, she feels like the luckiest woman alive because she’s living her deepest dream of being a full-time artist.